2014’s Top Technology Trends in Engineering

Although flying cars that fit in suitcases and robot maids aren’t yet a reality, George Jetson wouldn’t have felt out of place with much of today’s technology. Smartphones to stay connected to everyone from daughter Judy to his boy Elroy, big data and the mobile cloud would undoubtedly feel familiar to the fictional future man. […]

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Famous Names in Engineering

You don’t have to think too hard to recall famous names from your electrical engineering, physics and chemistry classes. Chandrasekhar, Avogadro and Hubble were people before they were limits, numbers or constants. The engineers and architects on this list gave their names to companies, processes or principles that form the foundation for entire schools of […]

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Jargon-Busting for Engineers

Engineers use plenty of industry-specific terminology when they talk. In conversations with other engineers, that’s rarely a problem, but few engineers work in isolation. Increasingly, departments overlap or must work together on a project, and keeping jargon to a minimum eases the communication gap for everyone. Whether you’re working with the IT director on a […]

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Engineering and Ongoing Education: How You Can Keep Learning

Whether you graduated this summer or two decades ago, engineering, like other STEM fields, is constantly evolving. In such a competitive field, keeping up with your education well after graduation earns you entry into increasingly specialized fields and opens new opportunities in adjacent sectors. By reading professional journals, taking additional coursework online or on a […]

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Job Trends in Engineering for the Coming Year and Beyond

A recent resurgence in the popularity of STEM fields among college graduates has led to an influx of talented young engineers. As the sector that puts the “E” in STEM, engineering may be one of the most wide-open for new graduates and those who have recently changed careers. That demand isn’t uniform, though, and some […]

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5 Must-Have Skills for Engineering Managers

Engineering managers act as the bridge between the straightforward realm of problem-solving engineers and the sometimes murky world of clients and executives. It’s a manager’s job to speak a common language that both engineers and clients readily understand. They must be expert communicators as well as knowledgeable engineers themselves – a set of skills that […]

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Social Media and STEM: Using Social Platforms for Job Searches

Sharing photos with family members and updating friends about your vacation plans are the traditional uses of social media, but social media has also become indispensable for job-hunting. While engineering and technical jobs are in higher demand than many, finding a good fit can still pose a challenge. Your social media presence can help you […]

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Keeping Skills Sharp in a Slow Economy

Even in STEM-oriented fields, you may find yourself in a position that doesn’t challenge you as much as you’d like. Companies have cut down on matching tuition arrangements and on-the-job development and training programs in an effort to economize, and that could leave you seeking new learning opportunities on your own. While going it alone […]

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Is Certification Always Worth It?

With university tuition spiraling out of reach for many students, certification has become an increasingly attractive option for undergraduates to add real value to their degrees at an economical cost. Certification lets graduates distinguish themselves and showcase their fields of expertise. That’s what certification and accreditation organizations claim, at least. In many cases, it’s true, […]

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Are You Ready for the Smartphone Resume Revolution?

While you can still find resume specialists who promise to give your QV professional polish, an increasing number of job seekers are working on their own to create a resume that makes an impact. In many cases, these resumes aren’t even printed but wind up on a screen. Employers today value more than a luxurious […]

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