What Veteran Engineers Wish They Could Do Over

Like any professional who’s had a few decades in their industry of choice, engineers sometimes look back on their careers and think about what they might have done differently. Without a time machine, it’s impossible to get an actual do-over, but they can do the next best thing and pass their knowledge along to new […]

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When Generalizing Is Good: Working Toward a General Engineering Degree

The overall history of engineering is one of increasing specialization, but in today’s economic climate, generalists are thriving. With a more general engineering education, new graduates are able to adapt themselves to a wider range of career roles and offer employers additional value. Earning your license in general engineering as well as your chosen specialty […]

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Building a Better Engineering Resume

After spending years honing their skills and knowledge, engineering graduates just entering the work-force and established engineers looking to move up the career ladder have a new challenge to overcome: writing their resumes. Classes and work experience teach you everything you need to know on the job, but you’ve probably never taken a course in […]

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Tips for New Engineers

So far, no one’s been able to build a time machine or even prove that one is possible. For established engineers, the next best thing might be to let the new generation know a few key details the veterans wish they’d known when they first graduated. This collection of advice from senior engineers has more […]

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Broadening Your Business Education as an Engineer

Throughout your university years, you probably devoted most of your time and attention to core engineering and STEM classes. To engineers, everything else is an elective, something to add breadth to your college experience, but not necessarily coursework that lent depth to your education as an engineer. For most real-world engineering jobs, though, a background […]

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Tips for New Engineering Graduates

Theoretically, new engineers graduate with all the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field. In practice, though, plenty of students don’t feel fully prepared to walk into an office and work alongside people who have been in the business for years. Even if you’re a few years past graduation, you might feel you […]

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Staying Competitive Through Self-Learning

An engineer’s education never stops. Even if you kept up to date on everything you learned in school, the boundaries of your chosen field expand and give you vital new information to learn. In competitive tech fields, staying informed and developing the intellectual flexibility to work with new ideas is key to your success. Learning […]

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5 Pioneering Women in Engineering

Female enrollment and graduation rates in colleges and universities is up overall, and although STEM fields are still seeing fewer women than men in the classroom, that gap may be closing. Today, one in seven students in a given engineering program is likely to be a woman. While that may seem like a small percentage, […]

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Is the Skills Gap a Myth?

Anyone in a STEM field has heard about the tremendous need for proficient workers and the lack of qualified applicants. If you’re in management, you might chalk up your trouble finding talented personnel to a skills gap. If you’re a recent graduate who’s starting a career, though, you may wonder why anyone believes there’s a […]

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Building a Better Engineering Resume

For many engineers, few projects are more daunting than updating a resume. Years of education and work experience have instilled an appreciation of clarity and precision in you, yet writing a resume is a murky proposition. Which format should you use? How should you prioritize education and experience? Are objectives necessary? The good news is […]

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