The Renaissance of Engineers as Business Leaders

Take a look at a history of America’s greatest business leaders, and you’ll see one profession that’s under-represented in today’s business world: engineers. The great industrialists, rail barons, and company founders such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were often engineers as well as entrepreneurs. The shift from industry to business as a proving ground […]

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5 Tips for New Engineers – and Older Ones Too

Engineers who have been in the workplace for decades have seen huge shifts in their industries no matter which field they’re in, and they have a wealth of advice for their up-and-coming colleagues. Most of their advice isn’t specific to a single field or a set of technical skills; it comes from experience, and they’ve […]

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5 Ways for Engineers to Jump-Start Their Careers

From an outside perspective, the demand for engineers across a wide range of industries might make career advancement seem simple. Insiders know that as in any field, engineering positions are competitive. A firm grounding in your subject isn’t always enough to propel your career to management or c-level executive positions; you need to be career-savvy […]

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Top Cities for Engineers

Engineers are in demand everywhere, but some regions in particular are engineering hot spots – and they might not be the places you’d think. For engineers who are considering a career shift along with a change of scenery, moving to a city that has a high need for their chosen specialty could mean a faster […]

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Where Will Businesses Need Engineers?

The demand for engineers is huge and growing, but it isn’t uniform. Overall job growth for engineering professions has been in the double digits for the last five years. In some sectors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts, that already rapid expansion will mushroom as senior engineers age out of the work force and retire. […]

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Is Engineering the New Liberal Arts Degree?

It’s no secret that STEM fields are enjoying priority status for new high school graduates. While employment statistics for business administration graduates have remained fairly stagnant and liberal arts graduates have lagged behind their counterparts in the sciences, engineering graduates have an unemployment rate of just 2 percent, according to data analysts with the National […]

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The Reshoring Trend Brings Manufacturing Engineers Back to U.S.

In the 1950s, much of what the world drove, ate, wore and served breakfast on was made in the U.S. Post-war prosperity, a baby boom and a great global need for everything from building materials to medical equipment kept American factories busy for years. Since then, manufacturing jobs – and with them, manufacturing engineers’ jobs […]

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Improving Your Core Job Skills

Recent engineering graduates have an impressive knowledge of their field, but they don’t always have a handle on all the job skills they need to succeed. The heavy-duty curriculum in STEM coursework leaves little room for classes that teach business acument. If you’re a newly minted engineer who’s focused more on academics than internships, brush […]

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Famous Names in Engineering

You don’t have to think too hard to recall famous names from your electrical engineering, physics and chemistry classes. Chandrasekhar, Avogadro and Hubble were people before they were limits, numbers or constants. The engineers and architects on this list gave their names to companies, processes or principles that form the foundation for entire schools of […]

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Early Engineers, Modern Methods: Five Who Left Their Mark

We don’t know the names of most of the engineers who created enduring works such as the network of aqueducts and roads that still delineate the borders of the Roman Empire or the huge barays and irrigation systems of Angkor Wat. A few early engineers and architects have left their names as well as their […]

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