Looking Beyond Office Jobs as a Maintenance Engineer

There are many engineers that work not in new production but in maintenance and repair capacities. These specialized engineering positions call on a whole new skill set that engineers involved in new production don’t typically get to use. Top engineers must be able not only to design from the ground up, but also to understand […]

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Learning to Lead as an Engineer

While some people have a natural aptitude for leadership, it’s also a teachable quality, one that every engineer whose career is on an upward trajectory needs to know. Whether you’re in charge of product strategy, research and development, or an entire department as a C-level executive, leadership skills are an often unwritten prerequisite. Here’s how […]

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Finding (and Keeping) Your Engineering Rock Stars

Your department is only as good as its personnel, so what could be more important than hiring the right team members? Keeping your top talent happy and motivated is essential to long-term success. You’ll often hear the term “rock star” thrown around to describe top performers; like rock stars, the most forward-thinking workers often need […]

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Career Tips for Mechanical Engineers

Engineers have enjoyed an employment boom for years, and that includes those in mechanical engineering. Even when the market favors employees, you still need to sharpen your career skills to reach peak performance and achieve your professional goals. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an established engineer looking to take the next step in your […]

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Where Are the Women in STEM?

Women earn more college degrees than men, yet the disciplines in which they’re earning them are largely outside STEM fields. With the notable exception of some biology degrees, women aren’t going to school for a STEM education. That’s a problem for everyone; less competition and innovation slows down growth across multiple sectors. Diverse perspectives benefit […]

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Steps for Acing Your Next Engineering Interview

Whether you’re a rising star still working your way up or an established engineer ready to move on to a new challenge, interviews can be daunting. Aside from the interviewing skill set you would need in any field – quick thinking, job knowledge, a personable demeanor – there are some specifics every engineer should know […]

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5 Steps to Depth: Becoming the Top Engineer in Your Field

To work in an engineering field is to specialize. While you might benefit from some general engineering knowledge, your goal is generally to drill deeper and learn more about your subject. Depth benefits you and your organization more than breadth. That doesn’t mean you only need engineering knowledge to succeed – in fact, having keen […]

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Resume Upgrades You Can Make Right Now

As an engineer, you’re used to working within tight tolerances, but have you considered how that applies to your resume? When you send in a resume, it has about 30 seconds to make a positive, lasting impression on a hiring director. Within that time, it has to communicate who you are, what you’ve learned, where […]

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8 Crucial Career Builders for Engineers

Engineers are experts on the systems they work with, but even skilled engineers sometimes find themselves stymied when it comes to building on their own successes. Here’s how to advance your career whether you’re coming in at the ground floor or already have that office with a view. Find Your Inspiration Who made you want […]

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Career-Builders for New (and Not-So-New) Engineers

If a classroom education were all it took to succeed as an engineer, every graduate would move smoothly from academic to professional settings. In reality, engineering professions put as much emphasis on the professionalism as the engineering. To thrive, engineers must develop a broader skill set than the one they learn in school. While this […]

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